Christ and the 5th Commandment

Christ and the 5th Commandment


Exodus 20:12 Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee.  KJV


The moral law of God that we see in the Ten Commandments is a perfect standard for righteousness.  Jesus is the eternal Son of God and God the Son.  He is always and absolutely in compliance with the divine standard in God’s moral law.  He certainly honored His heavenly Father when He was Immanuel, God incarnate.  At the same time, scripture shows His devotion to His earthly mother the Virgin Mary and His adopted human father Joseph.  There will never be found an incident in the life of the Lord Jesus Christ where He was guilty of transgressing any segment of the Ten Commandments.  We want to consider Christ and the 5th Commandment today.



1.  Jesus preached the spirit of the moral law of God over and above man’s traditions to the contrary.  Matt. 15:1-9.  19:16-23.

2.  Jesus always put heavenly things first but was always subject to His parents.   Lk. 2:42-52.


1.  Jesus clearly distinguished between a right and wrong attitude toward parents. He did that in the parable of the lost son.  One son was a hypocrite and the other experienced genuine repentance and forgiveness.  Lk. 15:11-32.

2.  The New Testament also teaches a blessing in obedience to this commandment.  This is unique.  Eph. 6:1-3.  Col. 3:20 and 23-25.


1.  We know that the law reveals to us our sins and transgressions but Christ delivered us from the penalty of the law.  Rom. 7:5-6.

2.  We cannot do right in the flesh but only in the Spirit.  Rom. 8:6-21.

3.  We that have received Christ as our Saviour have true salvation and deliverance.  Col.1:10-14.


Conclusion:  Jesus has kept the law in every aspect of it for us and in Him we have a perfect salvation.  None of us have lived a life free of sin.  To break one aspect of God’s moral standard is to fall short of His glory as a whole.  Transgression of God’s law is not only an outward act of disobedience, it is an inward problem of a wrong attitude and can even be a refusal to do that which ought to be done.  Sins of commission are not the only thing that condemns you.  Your sins of omission are just as damning.  Rom. 10:9-11. When you do not confess Christ with your mouth, it is not likely that you have truly received Him in your heart.  Come now and take sides with God by His amazing sovereign grace.  If you are trusting Christ as your only hope of salvation let it be known, bless the Lord, and submit yourself to His authority in His local New Testament church and follow Him in baptism and serve Him His way according to the New Testament pattern.  AMEN.


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