The Fruit of Long suffering

Galatians 5:22

The fourth aspect of the Fruit of the Holy Spirit in a believer is described by the word Long suffering. This has to do with our ability by the grace of God to be patient and forbearing. It has a lot to do with our ability to endure and persevere. The two main areas where this grace is seen is in our dealings with difficult people and perplexities.


1. The example of Moses. Num. 16:41-48.
2. The example of David. 2Sm. 16: 5-8.
3. The example of Jesus. 1Pet. 2:23.
4. The example of Paul. 2Cor. 6: 4-6.
5. This is how WE should be too. Col. 3: 12-13.


1. Remember Joseph. Gen. 50: 20.
2. Remember Job. Job 13: 15.
3. Remember the Prophets. James 5:10-11.
4. Remember the Sovereignty of God. Rom. 8:28, 2Cor. 4:15-18.
5. Remember our Savior. 1Pet. 2:20-21, 4:12-13.

CONCLUSION: In way of self-examination we must remember that the way we respond to difficult people and perplexities in our life reveals how much of the Fruit of the Spirit we really bare. How is it with you? How do you deal with the loud-mouthed obnoxious jerks in your life? What do you do when mechanical and all kinds of other difficulties compound themselves one upon another and thwart your every effort to make things run smoothly? Remember to be long suffering for that is the Fruit of the Spirit. AMEN.


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