The Fruit of Meekness


Matthew 11:29.


Another one of the aspects of the Fruit of the Spirit is Meekness.  This is a term that is often misunderstood.  Many people liken it to weakness but nothing could be further from the truth.  Jesus is the speaker in our text and He is the most powerful man that ever walked on the face of this earth.  He created the universe, healed the sick, made the lame to walk and the blind to see, cast out demons, walked on water, fed the vast multitudes with a few loafs of bread, and raised the dead.  Jesus was a man of extraordinary power and yet He considered Himself meek and lowly.  This causes us to believe that the power of God is associated with the virtue of meekness.  Let us consider three things about Meekness for a few moments.


    1. It is the opposite of stubbornness and self-will.  “Thy will be done.”
    2. It is true submission to the Bible and Gods sovereignty.  James 1:21-22.
    3. It is the ability to receive ill-treatment and not desire revenge.  Lk. 23:34, Acts 7:59-60.
    1. By submitting to the Holy Spirit.  Rom. 8: 14-16, Ps. 25: 8-10.
    2. By feeling our own unworthiness before God.  Ps. 130: 3-5.
    3. By learning to free ourselves from bitterness.  Col. 3:12-13.
    4. By putting down worldly ambitions for power, prestige and possessions.  1Pet. 3:4.  Matt. 6:33. 
    5. By learning from Biblical examples.  Matt. 21:5. 
    1. Seen in the way it is urged by scripture.  Col. 3:12, 1Pet. 3:3-4.
    2. Seen as indispensable to our profession of faith.  1Jn. 4:17. 
    3. Seen as required in those called to ministry.  1Tim. 6:11, Tit. 3:1-2.
    4. Seen as needed for our witness to the lost.  2Tim. 2:24-25. 
    5. Seen as a mark of wisdom.  James 3:13.
    6. Seen as bringing unity in the church.  Eph. 4:1-3.
    7. Seen in rewards given to those who practice it.  Ps. 37:11.

CONCLUSION:  We have not discovered the true meaning of meekness if our lives are filled with bitterness, malice, and a continual desire to retaliate on others.  If the power of God is working in us and on us we will be more and more conformed to the image of Christ and the fruit of meekness will be evident in abundance.  May the Lord help us to remember that nothing happens in our lives without His gracious permission and when we can resign ourselves to the fact that God is in control and every little thing that happens in our lives can be traced back to the sovereign hand of our Lord, and if we can accept being treated unfairly in the world without wanting to strike back, then we have started learning the grace of meekness.  AMEN. 


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