The Vaudois Teacher by John Greenleaf Whittier

A beautiful poem containing great truth. The Vaudois is another name for the ancient Ana-Baptists also known as the Waldensians.  They were a people who worshiped the God of the Bible according to the copies of the scripture handed down to them from the days of the Apostles and were not connected in any way to the false teachings of the apostate hierarchy of Catholicism.  To the Vaudois, the only sense in which the true congregations thought in terms of the Holy Catholic Church was when they in their local congregations were sent into all the world with the message of salvation in Christ alone and ALL were to be given the good news whether Jew or Gentile.

A Baptist Voice/O Voce Baptistă în Oltenia

The Vaudois Teacher by John Greenleaf Whittier (1807–1892).

‘O Lady fair, these silks of mine
are beautiful and rare,-
The richest web of the Indian loom, which beauty’s
queen might wear;
And my pearls are pure as thy own fair neck, with whose
radiant light they vie;
I have brought them with me a weary way,-will my
gentle lady buy?’

The lady smiled on the worn old man through the
dark and clustering curls
Which veiled her brow, as she bent to view his
silks and glittering pearls;
And she placed their price in the old man’s hand
and lightly turned away,
But she paused at the wanderer’s earnest call,-
‘My gentle lady, stay!

‘O lady fair, I have yet a gem which a purer
lustre flings,
Than the diamond flash of the jewelled crown on
the lofty brow of kings;
A wonderful pearl of exceeding price, whose virtue

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