The Person of the Incarnation

John. 1:1-5. (Pray)

We know that the Mystery of Godliness has to do with the incarnation 1Tim. 3:16. Here is where the mystery begins. It begins with the person of the incarnation. A Bible Mystery is simply an eternal truth that is revealed in time. To understand the Mystery of Godliness we must see the eternal Christ. Consider 3 things about the person of the incarnation. His Relationship to God, the Galaxies and the Gospel.

I. HIS RELATIONSHIP TO GOD. Jn1: 1-2. Three things.
1. The Duration of Christ. v1.
A. The Time of the verse. “the beginning”
B. The Tense of the verse. “was”

2. The Dwelling of Christ. “with God”
A. The Intimacy – The closest possible relationship within the Trinity.
B. The Individualism – A distinct individual.
C. The Incomprehensibility – Christ did the greatest sacrifice ever made.

3. The Deity of Christ. “was God”
A. The Plainess of this truth. You can’t deny it and believe the Bible.
B. The Perverting of this truth. Modernists and Cults reject His Lordship.
C. The Proclaiming of this truth. Isa 7:14, Matt 1:23, Jn 8:58-59, 10:30-31, Phil 2:6, 1Tim 3:16.

II. HIS RELATIONSHIP TO THE GALAXIES. Jn. 1: 3. He is the Creator.
1. The Requirement of Creation (Divine Power). Col 1:16, Ps 33:6, Eph 3:9.
2. The Regulation of Creation. Col 1:17, Heb 1:3.
3. The Refuting of Creation.
A. It refutes the false doctrine of evolution.
B. It refutes the false doctrine that Christ is created.
4. The Reason for Creation. “For Him” Col 1:16. We are created in His image and that is why we enjoy the beauty of creation when animals don’t. (Sunset)
A. Christ sees what we don’t. Stars, Desert flowers, Micro-organisms.
B. Christ is our reason for existence. Phil 1:21.

1. The Remedy in Christ.
A. The Life. Jn 10:10, Eph 2:1, Ps 36:9, 1Jn 5:4.
B. The Light. Jn 8:12, Isa 60:2-3.
2. The Radiating of Christ.
A. He Shined forth {appeared) in the incarnation.
B. He Shined where He was needed (in darkness).
3. The Rejection of Christ.
A. The Folly of it. Rom 1:22.
B. The Force of it. Hatred of Him is not passive.

Conclusion: The only possible way for us to be saved is for God to save us by His grace. THAT is what Christ came to do in the incarnation. Behold the Person of the Incarnation. Turn from your sins and by faith receive Him as your personal Savior. AMEN.


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