The Prophesy of the Incarnation

Isa 9:6-7. (Pray)

We know that Christ is the Person of the Incarnation. God said that He was going to come in the flesh. He did that in Christ. Prophesy is so prominent in the Old Testament about this that immediately and repeatedly in the New Testament we see that the coming of Christ was fulfillment of prophesy. Matt. 1:21-22, 2:15, 17, & 23. Let us consider three things from our text about the Prophesy of the Incarnation. The Advent, the Attributes and the Authority of Christ.

1. The Doctrine of the Advent.
A. The Humanity of Christ. A Child born.
B. The Deity of Christ. A Son given.
2. The Demotion in the Advent.
A. The Everlasting Father is a Son given. Phil. 2:7-8.
3. The Delight in the Advent.
A. The Birth. Normally it’s a time of rejoicing. (Not for abortionists)
B. The Gift. The most gracious of all. Jn 3:16, Eph 2:8-9.

1. Wonderful. More than a wonderful counselor. He IS wonderful.
2. Counselor. Matt 7:29. No greater or better than Jesus. He is wisdom.
3. Mighty God. Mk 1:40. If thou wilt thou canst.
4. Everlasting Father. Heb 7:3, 1Cor 15:45, Col 2:9.
5. Prince of Peace. Lk 2:14, Phil 4:6-7.

1. The Certainty of the Government. He “SHALL” reign.
2. The Carrying of the Government. He can bear the burden. He bore Calvary.
3. The Character of the Government.
A. The progressiveness of it. …increase. Phil 1:9-10.
B. The peace and perpetuity of it. …no end. Lk 1:33.
C. The pedigree of it. …throne of David. Matt 12:23.
D. The prudence of it. …to order it. Rev 19:15-16.
E. The purity of it. …with justice. Rev 19:11.
F. The power of it. …will perform. Dan 4:35.

Conclusion: God said He would come in the flesh. He did. He was perfect. He died for His people on the cross of Calvary. He was buried and rose again on the third day. This is the message that brings eternal life to hell deserving sinners. Hear the saving gospel message today. Turn from your sin in repentance and by grace through faith receive the Lord Jesus Christ as your only hope of salvation. He said He is coming again and as sure as He came the first time, He shall come again. He ALWAYS does what He said He would do. If you die in your sin, He will send you to your eternal reward in the Lake of Fire. If you repent and believe, He will have mercy on you. Trust Him now. That is the message. AMEN.


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