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God is not Fair

Romans 9:13-24.

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Many of these verses cause human nature to rare up and cry – God is not fair! This is a common complaint when we talk about the wrath of God in any way.  Unregenerate man rebels at the thought that God would wipe out all the unbelievers in the great flood, or all the freakish perverts of Sodom and Gomorrah.  Man in his depravity hates to think that God would be OK with wiping out the pagan idolaters of Canaan or that He might send someone to an eternal burning hell.

When war atrocities and natural catastrophes happen, the first thing we hear is, “Why would your Holy God let that happen?”  When loved ones are sick, are in pain, or die, we feel like God is not fair.  When the wicked seem to come out on top, even God’s people sometimes feel like God is not fair.

For the sake of making our point, let us assume for now that God is not fair.  Let us assume this so we can see things from a different viewpoint.  I know it sounds strange for a child of God to say God is not fair but bear with me as I try to show that God is not fair; He is better than fair.  He is gracious, merciful, compassionate, long-suffering and patient.

God is Gracious in Elective Grace. Rom. 9:10-13.
If God had only been fair, He would not have loved either of these two boys. They were both natural born hell-deserving sinners. However, God according to His purpose in election worked in the heart & life of Jacob – through whom Christ came. Rom.3:10-12, 23, 5:6-11. Christ’s atonement is better than fair.

God is Merciful in Messianic Redemption. Matt.1:21.
The Messiah is the crimson cord of the Bible, the central theme of God’s word. He is none other than God’s remedy for our sin problem. Rom.1:1-4. Although none is worthy of His mercy, God has been merciful to millions because of Christ, the Messiah. Remember Adam & Eve, Able, Noah, Israel & the Passover, the Prophets like Isaiah (53), and the poets like David (Ps22). God is much better than fair.

God is Compassionate in the Effectual Call. Rom.9:22-24.
God did not have to call ANY unto salvation but He has called a people for His name. He call is not to the Jews only, but to multitudes among the Gentiles also. The amazing thing about His compassionate call is that He does it in such a way that in spite of our depraved nature, we come to Christ in repentant faith by His grace. 2Thess.2:13-14, 1Thess.2:12-13, 1:4-7. FAIR ? No, You do not want God to be fair with you my sinner friend. If God is fair with you, He will send you to hell when you are all done with your sinful self-centered life. My prayer is that He would not be fair with you but that He would be gracious and merciful with you and call you in compassion to salvation in Christ.

God is Long-suffering & Patient in Eternal Preservation. Rom.9:33.
Believers shall not be ashamed. That has a strong ring of confidence to it. Once you have it, you cannot lose it. But beloved, make sure you really have it. Rom.8:28-31, 35-39, 1Pet.1:2-5, 2Pet.3:15, 1:10.

Conclusion: Now I ask you, “Do you really want God to be FAIR?” I urge you to re-think that position. Come and go with me. Let us trust in God’s grace instead. Let us feel His mercy upon us. Oh, hear His compassionate call! Repent and believe the gospel today. God’s long-suffering patience is enduring for time and eternity. Trust Christ now. AMEN


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