Baptism With Heavenly Authority

Matt. 17: 9-13.

Jesus had great respect for John the Baptist. He said he was the greatest of men but John’s preaching only exalted Jesus. As we think today about Baptism with heavenly authority, we only have two main points. One. God started it by sending John. Two. Christ continued it by sending His church.


I. John’s baptism was done with heavenly authority and with it John the Baptist prepared the material that Christ used to build His church.
1. John was sent from God to baptize. (Jn 1:6, 26-36)
2. Jesus built His church (a local visible assembly of baptized believers) during
His earthly ministry. (Matt 16:13-18, Lk 6:12-16, Matt 28:16-20)
3. After our Lords resurrection His church in Jerusalem organized other
assemblies of like faith. (Acts 1:8, 8:4, and 9: 28-31 plural)
4. Those true churches in like fashion did the same. (Acts 13:1-3, 14:23-27, 15:3-4)
This New Testament pattern has been followed and preserved according to
credible historic records. (1Tim 1:15-17)
See our heritage on the TLBC web page.
5. One common message that was preached by all of these was the resurrection.
(Acts 13: 16-39) This is an excellent Bible survey that is filled with the gospel.
Baptism pictures the resurrection. (Rom 6:3-11) The conditions for baptism are:
a believer, immersion, as a picture (not for salvation but because of salvation),
by an administrator with proper Authority.
II. Baptism and service under the authority of a true church is the N.T. way.
1. After your profession of faith in Christ, your 1st act of obedience is scriptural baptism. It is John’s kind of baptism or nothing. Jn 1:7,29-33, & Matt 3.
2. Scriptural baptism has at least 4 requirements. (Actor, Act, Aim, Authority)
3. After baptism, you serve in one of the Lords local autonomous bodies not some so called universal church. Matt 16:18, Eph 3:21.
4. When it comes to individual Christian fellowship, our guide is Agape (Christian charity). Rom 12:3-10. We ought to be Christ like in our dealings one with another, even to the point of self-sacrifice, but not to the point of compromising Gods Word.
5. The line of fellowship between churches is drawn at baptism and recognition of local church authority. Acts 15: 22-23.
6. Jesus commissioned His church to preach & teach His all things. Matt 28:18.

Conclusion: Three things.
(1.) The true gospel is Christ alone for salvation. Jn 14:6.
(2.) True baptism is the kind Jesus had at the hands of an authorized Baptist preacher. Jn 1:32-34.
(3.) True service after salvation and baptism is in one of The Lords true churches. 1Tim 3:15.


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