Judging Jude Part 1 of 4

Jude 1:1-4. PRAY
Audio clip: http://tacwash.sermon.net/main/main/20220326

Christians today sometimes wish for the days of the first century churches when there were not so many different denominations, cults and false religions to confuse the matter of faith and religion. We begin a four sermon series today on the little New Testament book of Jude. When Jude urges his readers saying, “earnestly contend for the faith” he dispels the false notion that there were no problems in the first century of Christianity. We will consider three points.

1. The servant of Christ and brother of James.
2. The half brother of Jesus. Matt.13:55.
3. The unbelieving relative, at first. John 7:3-5. Note: In verses 6-10, the word “yet” in v6 is missing from most modern version of the Bible making Christ a liar. The KJB does not make God a liar.
4. The believer in Christ after the resurrection. Acts 1:14.

1. Jude desired to write of the “common salvation” but urged believers to contend earnestly for “the faith” that was completed and given in scripture. Jude 3.
2. Jude and Paul both used strong terms to describe the Christian battle. Eph.6:11-12. 1Cor.9:24-27.
3. Jude encouraged his readers to stand and fight against false doctrines and teachers. Jude 4.

1. The Danger was a false way of salvation and a counterfeit Christianity. V.4.
2. The Danger was a denial of true faith and a transformed life. Gal.2:16, 2Cor.5:17.
3. The Danger was a denial of Christ’s message. Lk.5:32, 19:10, Matt.11:28, Jn.6:65.
4. The Danger was a denial of true Christian Liberty. Jn.8:36, Gal.5:13, Matt.7:15-20, Acts 20:29-30, 2Pet.2:9-19.

CONCLUSION: For more than 2000 years, false teachers have infiltrated true churches promoting their heresies. Our job is not to condemn them. God will take care of that. Our job is to be faithful fruit inspectors, and to let our light shine and expose the errors of darkness. We must fight the good fight and earnestly contend for the faith. Jehovah is the only true and living God. Man is totally depraved and in need of regeneration. Christ is the only way of salvation. The Gospel of Christ is the power of God unto salvation. True service to God comes only after true salvation by His sovereign grace. AMEN.


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  1. John 7:24 Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.(KJV) I love verses of scripture like this one because it seems like every time we turn around, someone is quoting the one about “Judge not lest ye be judged” (out of context) insinuating that we should NEVER condemn sin in any way or anything like that. This verse proves that Christ never forbid us from making moral distinctions about things. In fact, we are commanded to be good fruit inspectors and to discern things with a good biblical and divinely gracious “Righteous Judgment.” It is true that we cannot look on the heart as does the Tri-une God of the Bible but we can compare what people do and say with the revealed will of God (in scripture) on the matter. The thing we must strive for in our “discernmanship” (new word) is to be tenderhearted, compassionate and full of grace and mercy as our Savior would be without doing harm to the inspired words of God in His canon. In every opportunity to exorcize righteous judgment, we should use it to point souls (saved or lost) to the Lord Jesus Christ.

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