Judging Jude Part 2 of 4

Jude 1:5-11. Pray.
Audio clip: http://tacwash.sermon.net/main/main/20226302

As we saw last time, apostasy is nothing new. It may seem extreme in our day and time but it has been around since the first century of church history. To apostatize is to depart from the faith of one’s former religion. An apostate no longer clings to the principles, party or cause with which he or she once associated or professed. Jude gives examples of this from Old Testament times and New Testament times showing the divine judgment the apostates reaped. There are three O.T. examples and three N.T. similarities given in the text.

I. – O.T. EXAMPLES. Jude 1:5-7. (Three main examples.)
1. The Israelites delivered from Egypt who rebelled in the wilderness. V.5. Num.16:1-5, 16-18, 28-32.
2. The Fallen Angels who rebelled in heaven. V.6. 2Pet.2:4 and 9.
3. The men of Sodom and Gomorrah who rebelled in sexual sin. V.7. Gen.13:13.
     A. The sin of Sodom was sexual sin. Gen.19:4-5, 24-25.
     B. Some Bible scholars suggest that the “as” in Jude 7 ties sexual sin to the angels in verse 6 also. They quote Jewish Maccabean writers and the Apocrypha, first century Jewish historian, Josephus, and say some ecclesiastical writers up until the 4th century A.D. taught this. However, I have never felt comfortable with it, enough to embrace it, for one reason.
     C. I believe Matt. 22:30 trumps all the other proofs for it.

II. – N.T. SIMILARITIES. Jude 1:8-11. (The reasons why N.T. false teachers fell)
1. They were like the apostates of the O.T. V.8.
     A. They were Defilers of flesh. V.7.
     B. They were Despisers of dominion. V.9.
     C. They were Dignity haters. V.10.
     D. They were like Cain, Balaam, and Core. V.11. Gen.4:8, Dt.23:4-5, Nu.16:16, 32.

CONCLUSION: Apostasy is a terrible thing. The ecclesiastical mess we are in today with all of the various different denominations, false cults and so on – is the result of apostasy. When angels apostatize, there is no hope for them. If you are a true believer and have been drawn away from the Lords House, 1Tim.3:15 repent and turn again to the straight and narrow way. There is only one way of salvation Jn.14:6 and one way of biblical immersion Acts 8:36-38. There is only one kind of congregation Eph.4:1-6 wherein you may worship God in Spirit and in Truth. THAT is the kind where God gets glory. Eph. 3:21.


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