Judging Jude Part 3 of 4

Jude 1:12-15. Pray.
Audio clip: http://tacwash.sermon.net/main/main/20232360

Last time we studied Old Testament examples of apostasy and New Testament similarities to them. We are living in modern times of apostasy indeed but we have seen that apostasy has been a problem for the Lords congregations since the first century A.D. In this study, we will consider some metaphorical examples of false teachers. Jude uses several metaphors in our text to picture apostates. A metaphor is like a verbal snapshot. If you have ever heard the song “The Old Ship of Zion”, that is a metaphor of a true church of the Lord Jesus Christ. You may remember in January of 2012 when that luxury cruise ship ran aground off the coast of Italy in the Mediterranean Sea and many of the crew – abandoned ship leaving passengers behind to fend for themselves and many died. It was a terrible tragedy. True churches are like a ship at sea. We must constantly be on watch for false teachers and false doctrines that might cause shipwreck for the old ship of Zion. Apostates are like the incompetent cowardly crew of the Costa Concordia.

Notice five snapshots of apostates in our text.

1. They spoil our worship, our fellowship & our feasts of love. (Underwater rocks.)
2. They are self-centered. When they appear to be with us, it is only for them. Ezek.34:2, 8.
3. They have no real fear of God. All they have is a bloated ego of self-confidence. They are more likely to quote from a self-help book than the Bible.

1. They are empty clouds. Their promise of water leaves us dry and thirsty.
2. They are carried away by the wind. This is no model for the faithful. Eph.4:14.

1. They are withered trees. Dried up with no life in them.
2. They are fruitless trees. Godly saints will bear godly fruit. Matt.7:17-20.
3. They are twice dead and un-rooted. Totally depraved & un-regenerated.

1. They rage. They are often loud mouth bullies. Ps.2:1-3.
2. They foam. Like mad men foam at the mouth. Like a disturbed soda pop spews.
3. They are shameful. Like those who use alcohol to accommodate lustful desire. Hab.2:15-16.

1. They are like shooting stars that blaze across heaven and are dark forevermore.
2. They are wandering stars that are NOT good for navigation. They lead astray.

CONCLUSION: In verses 14 & 15, Jude returns to his theme with a quote from the familiar non-canonical book of Enoch. Referencing a non-canonical book is not an endorsement of it’s inspiration. The coming of the Lord with His angels is a common theme in religious books down through the ages. Using the word ungodly in verse 15, Jude is simply illustrating that, from the earliest of time, people have known judgment is coming for those that depart from the faith and especially for those who lead others in apostasy. AMEN.


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