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New Year Renewal

Eph.4:17-24. Pray. V.23.

As we begin another New Year, we want to look to God and His sovereign grace for the spiritual strength we need to press on in faith and holiness. I am not talking about New Year resolutions. Most of us know by now that they do not work. We might start the year with a firm and steadfast resolute determination to cut back on our bad habits, and to eat right and get the proper exercise. We tell ourselves we will save more and be better at keeping our finances straight and so on and so on. There are hundreds of other things we might vow, with all good intentions, to do or not do. However, in the end, we always lose the battle. The reason for this is that when you fight yourself, you always lose. After all, who else is going to lose? Do not let this discourage you. We are not here to depress you. We are here to encourage you to be renewed in the spirit of your mind. This message is mainly for Christian believers. Non-Christians have greater problems than what we are addressing in this message. As believers, let us stop beating ourselves up, and trust God to renew us in the spirit of our mind.

A Renewed Walk. Eph.4:17. v.20-21. We have a new walk.
1. As a Believer, you are not the enemy. Stand against the world, flesh & devil.
2. As a Believer, the Way of the World is the enemy. 1Cor.15:54-57.
3. As a Believer, You have victory over the vanity of sin. 1Jn.5:4.

A Renewed Understanding. Eph.4:18. v.20-21. We have a new mindset.
1. As a Believer, you have an enlightened understanding. Prov.20:12. Acts 16:14
2. As a Believer, you have the life of God by grace. 1Jn.5:11-12.
3. As a Believer, There is the confidence of assurance in Christ. 1Jn.5:13-15.

A Renewed Feeling. Eph.4:19. v.20-21. We have a new zeal for God.
1. As Believers we stand against lasciviousness. (Unbridled lust & passion) Jd.4.
2. As Believers we stand against uncleanness. So-called gays do the most unclean acts imaginable. To persist in that life is to go the way of reprobation. Rom.1:24 and 27.
3. As Believers we stand against greediness. Sometimes it is amazing to see what sin God will call to the bar for judgment. It is interesting that greed is one that is listed categorically as one to watch out for in the ministry. 1Tim.3:3 & 8. By the way – the wealthy are not alone in the struggle with greed. Some of the poorest in society are plagued by it and will buy a lottery ticket rather than food for the family. We ought to stand against this enemy of the soul. Heb.13:5.

A Renewed Conversation. Eph.4:22. v.23-24. We have a new way of life.
1. As Believers we stand against what we once were. 2Cor.5:17.
2. As Believers we stand against corruption. Rom.8:21.
3. As Believers we stand against deceitful lusts. Mk.4:18-19.

Conclusion: Let us not be fooled into thinking that this year it will be different when we resolve to change ourselves for the better. We are not the enemy. God has changed us by His grace and He gives grace to renew the spirit of our mind. Let us stop fighting ourselves and surrender to the grace of our merciful God. We have the victory. Let us be renewed in the good fight of faith against the world, the flesh and the Devil. AMEN.


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The Prophesy of the Incarnation

Isa 9:6-7. (Pray)

We know that Christ is the Person of the Incarnation. God said that He was going to come in the flesh. He did that in Christ. Prophesy is so prominent in the Old Testament about this that immediately and repeatedly in the New Testament we see that the coming of Christ was fulfillment of prophesy. Matt. 1:21-22, 2:15, 17, & 23. Let us consider three things from our text about the Prophesy of the Incarnation. The Advent, the Attributes and the Authority of Christ.

1. The Doctrine of the Advent.
A. The Humanity of Christ. A Child born.
B. The Deity of Christ. A Son given.
2. The Demotion in the Advent.
A. The Everlasting Father is a Son given. Phil. 2:7-8.
3. The Delight in the Advent.
A. The Birth. Normally it’s a time of rejoicing. (Not for abortionists)
B. The Gift. The most gracious of all. Jn 3:16, Eph 2:8-9.

1. Wonderful. More than a wonderful counselor. He IS wonderful.
2. Counselor. Matt 7:29. No greater or better than Jesus. He is wisdom.
3. Mighty God. Mk 1:40. If thou wilt thou canst.
4. Everlasting Father. Heb 7:3, 1Cor 15:45, Col 2:9.
5. Prince of Peace. Lk 2:14, Phil 4:6-7.

1. The Certainty of the Government. He “SHALL” reign.
2. The Carrying of the Government. He can bear the burden. He bore Calvary.
3. The Character of the Government.
A. The progressiveness of it. …increase. Phil 1:9-10.
B. The peace and perpetuity of it. …no end. Lk 1:33.
C. The pedigree of it. …throne of David. Matt 12:23.
D. The prudence of it. …to order it. Rev 19:15-16.
E. The purity of it. …with justice. Rev 19:11.
F. The power of it. …will perform. Dan 4:35.

Conclusion: God said He would come in the flesh. He did. He was perfect. He died for His people on the cross of Calvary. He was buried and rose again on the third day. This is the message that brings eternal life to hell deserving sinners. Hear the saving gospel message today. Turn from your sin in repentance and by grace through faith receive the Lord Jesus Christ as your only hope of salvation. He said He is coming again and as sure as He came the first time, He shall come again. He ALWAYS does what He said He would do. If you die in your sin, He will send you to your eternal reward in the Lake of Fire. If you repent and believe, He will have mercy on you. Trust Him now. That is the message. AMEN.

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The Person of the Incarnation

John. 1:1-5. (Pray)

We know that the Mystery of Godliness has to do with the incarnation 1Tim. 3:16. Here is where the mystery begins. It begins with the person of the incarnation. A Bible Mystery is simply an eternal truth that is revealed in time. To understand the Mystery of Godliness we must see the eternal Christ. Consider 3 things about the person of the incarnation. His Relationship to God, the Galaxies and the Gospel.

I. HIS RELATIONSHIP TO GOD. Jn1: 1-2. Three things.
1. The Duration of Christ. v1.
A. The Time of the verse. “the beginning”
B. The Tense of the verse. “was”

2. The Dwelling of Christ. “with God”
A. The Intimacy – The closest possible relationship within the Trinity.
B. The Individualism – A distinct individual.
C. The Incomprehensibility – Christ did the greatest sacrifice ever made.

3. The Deity of Christ. “was God”
A. The Plainess of this truth. You can’t deny it and believe the Bible.
B. The Perverting of this truth. Modernists and Cults reject His Lordship.
C. The Proclaiming of this truth. Isa 7:14, Matt 1:23, Jn 8:58-59, 10:30-31, Phil 2:6, 1Tim 3:16.

II. HIS RELATIONSHIP TO THE GALAXIES. Jn. 1: 3. He is the Creator.
1. The Requirement of Creation (Divine Power). Col 1:16, Ps 33:6, Eph 3:9.
2. The Regulation of Creation. Col 1:17, Heb 1:3.
3. The Refuting of Creation.
A. It refutes the false doctrine of evolution.
B. It refutes the false doctrine that Christ is created.
4. The Reason for Creation. “For Him” Col 1:16. We are created in His image and that is why we enjoy the beauty of creation when animals don’t. (Sunset)
A. Christ sees what we don’t. Stars, Desert flowers, Micro-organisms.
B. Christ is our reason for existence. Phil 1:21.

1. The Remedy in Christ.
A. The Life. Jn 10:10, Eph 2:1, Ps 36:9, 1Jn 5:4.
B. The Light. Jn 8:12, Isa 60:2-3.
2. The Radiating of Christ.
A. He Shined forth {appeared) in the incarnation.
B. He Shined where He was needed (in darkness).
3. The Rejection of Christ.
A. The Folly of it. Rom 1:22.
B. The Force of it. Hatred of Him is not passive.

Conclusion: The only possible way for us to be saved is for God to save us by His grace. THAT is what Christ came to do in the incarnation. Behold the Person of the Incarnation. Turn from your sins and by faith receive Him as your personal Savior. AMEN.

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God Became Man

John. 1:1-3, 14. (Pray)

Many religions today are teaching men to try and become gods. The Bible teaches just the opposite. The Bible teaches that the one and only true and living God became man. We are finite beings and therefore we cannot understand the infinite teaching of the incarnation. But, although we cannot understand it with the natural mind, we can believe it spiritually and rejoice in it by Gods grace. In fact, we MUST do that. Jn. 8:24, 1Jn. 4:3.

The resurrection of Christ proves that He is the Judge of the world. Acts 1:3, 17:31. Only the Creator could do what Jesus did. Buddha is dead and so are Mohammed, Confucius, Plato, Aristotle, and all the other great teachers of the past. But the Word made flesh, who was put to death in the flesh, is alive forever more. 1Pet. 3:18, Rev. 1:18, Heb. 7:25. Our subject is God Became Man. Let us consider three questions about this. How, when and why?

I. How Did The Creator Become Man?
1. He created His own body for the incarnation. Jn.1:3, Col.1:15-16.
A. Being the firstborn of every creature does not mean Christ was a created being. It shows that He, as creator, is head of all creation.
B. The Bible clearly teaches Christ is the creator. Jn.1:3, Col.1:15-16.
2. His human body came not produced by the normal process alone.
A. Isa.7:14, Matt.1:23, and Heb.10:5.
3. Yes, He was the seed of Abraham, Heb. 2:15-16 and of the woman or Israel, metaphorically, Gen.3:15 & Rev. 12:1-2, 5. But – His mortal body was not tainted with sin like yours and mine. He was the God man; human yes, but divine and sinless at the same time. Heb. 2:17, 4:15, 9:14, 1Pet. 1:18-19. He is the one and only perfect Savior!

II. When did The Creator Become Man?
1. The actual date of the incarnation is debatable.
A. The world celebrates Christs birth on Dec. 25th.
B. Various other dates have been observed in Jan. Mar. Sep. & Oct.
C. Actually, a fall date seems most in tune with Lk. 2:8-11.
2. Think about the ancient Michaelmas celebration on Sep. 29th as an example.
A. England and Western Europe observed Michaelmas in the middle ages.
B. The meaning of it was to commemorate the sending of Michael and the angels at Christs birth (Sep.29).
C. The date was about the time of Sukkot, the Feast of Tabernacles. Jn.1:14. (Dwelt is the word for tabernacled in the Greek.)
3. Consider this. The incarnation did not happen at Christs birth but at His conception nine months earlier. Why? Life begins at conception. Phil. 2:6-7.
A. The ideal time for human gestation is 278 days according to science.
B. Counting backward 278 days from the ancient celebration of Michaelmas brings you coincidentally to December 25.
C. SO – would it not be ironic if in the midst of all the pagan revelry and commercial greed of the modern holidays, that the pro-abortion world were allegedly celebrating the actual incarnation of the Savior (now get this) because of His conception rather than His birth?

III. Why Did The Creator Become Man?
1. The greatest of all questions has the greatest of all answers.
A. Gal. 4:4-5. Jn. 3:16-17, 1Tim. 1:15.
2. His first advent is a prophetic promise of His Second Advent.
A. Rev. 21:3-4, 22:5.

Conclusion: How sad to think that so many today reject the Bible and ignorantly or otherwise go the way of the world in all that they do. Dear friend, when God became man, He did it in a manner that He might be the perfect Savior for sinners like you and me. Come to Him now by faith. AMEN.

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The Mystery of Godliness

I Tim. 3:16. (Pray)

Every true Christian wants to be godly. The secret to godliness is being in Christ.  Christ  is godliness personified.  Our text deals with the doctrine of the Incarnation.  This was the theme for the Memorial Day Bible Conference one year in Ontario, California.  It is a great theme indeed and worthy of much meditation. Let us think for a few moments about the Mystery of Godliness.  A Bible mystery is simply a truth that although hidden earlier; it is now revealed. Consider eight things about the mystery in our text.  This Mystery is…

1. It is well documented. 4 gospels and all the N.T. 1Jn. 5:13.
2. It is denied in vain. Cults, modernists and liberals fail to explain it away.
1. It is one of the greatest events of all. No other human event can compare to it.
2. It is God that did it. It was God’s plan from before the world began. 1Pet. 1:20.
1. Isa. 7:14, Matt. 1:23, Jn. 1:14, Jn. 20:27-31.
1. Rom. 8:1-5.
1. At His birth. Lk. 2:12-13,
2. At His Temptation. Mk. 1:13.
3. At His Ministry. Lk. 12:8-9, 15:10.
4. At His resurrection. Lk. 24:23.
1. Matt. 4:17, 11:1, Acts 10:42, Rom. 1:15-16
1. Lk. 1:1-4, Jn. 2:22, Acts 11:17-18.
1. Lk. 2:9-14, 9:28-36, Jn. 1:14.

Conclusion:   So we see that the Mystery of Godliness in the incarnation cannot be successfully denied. God came from glory to this sin cursed earth and took upon Himself the form of a man. Phil 2:5-11.  Christ’s claim to Deity is not robbery.  He did not take anything that was not His.  But He humbled Himself even to the death of the cross on Calvary and then, praise God, He got up alive from the dead again after 3 days and 3 nights so that WE might have eternal life. Come now and receive Him by faith as your personal savior. AMEN.

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The One true God

James 2:19.  Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble.
There are three major religions in the world that teach monotheism. They are Judaism, Christianity and Islam. All other religions in the world are atheistic, polytheistic or pantheistic. The founder of Christianity came from a Jewish background humanly speaking. Our text tells us that even the demons have enough sense to know that monotheism is the correct approach concerning religion.

Islam says that Christianity corrupted the scriptures and is not truly monotheistic because of the doctrine of the trinity. They say that Islam means submission and it is the true religion of men like Adam and Abraham who worshiped the one and only one God with no additions of other persons. They say that God cannot have a Son and many other things.

I have had a dialogue with some Muslims and therefore I am sensitive about this issue. I’m told that Islam is the fastest growing religion in our nation. That may be. I do not know. I don’t hold much stock in polls and surveys. Many Christians when asked what their religion is will give their denominational name as an answer rather than Christian. Naturally, we understand that from a biblical point of view even the majority of those who call themselves Christian are not so according to the terms of the gospel.

I used the term “Baby Christian” once and had to explain that I was not talking about a physical Baby but rather I was speaking spiritually. Some people think that if they take their young infants to a priest or minister and have him pour some water on them in some religious ceremony that then they are Christians. That is not so. Baptism of any form has NEVER made a Christian. What makes a Christian is God’s sovereign grace in regeneration. It works this way. The word of God is preached or presented in such a way that an unsaved sinner is made to realize that he or she is LOST. The good news of Christ’s death, burial and resurrection according to the scriptures is illuminated in the heart of the lost sinner and by the power of the Holy Spirit, he or she is granted the grace needed to repent and believe the gospel. This is the new birth. It is what Jesus was talking about in John 3:1-7. Being born again is the only way to get back to the truth of the one true God and His one true book. Let us think for a few moments about four things concerning the ONE TRUE GOD. Consider: Doctrine, Departure, Deception and Deliverance.

1. Monotheism began in Genesis. Gen. 1:1-5.
2. All time, space, matter and spiritual creatures were spoken into existence out of nothing in the first 24hr day described in v.1-5.
3. The direct creation of God was very good but not immutable and it did not stay good. Sin entered the picture some time after creation. With man the story is in Gen. 3:1-6. Gen. 5:1-3.

1. Actually, the first introduction to the idea that there could be other gods besides the one true God came when Satan through the serpent spoke in Gen. 3:5.
2. Then came the flood and the tower of Babel. The Tower of Babel was the pinnacle of all false religion. False religions multiplied after the dispersion from Babel and pagan polytheism, pantheism and even atheistic humanism can all be traced back to the Tower of Babel and Babylon. Mystery Babylon is a wicked, wicked way indeed. Gen. 11:1-9.
3. In spite of the Devil and the unsaved infidels of the world, God kept a people for Himself. They were the patriarchs, the prophets, the poets, and the potentates. Much could be said about all of these. Ex. 6:7-8.

1. Islam is a great deception in the world today. They claim to be the only true religion but their god is an imposter, their book is a fraud and their prophet was a thug and a reprobate.
2. You say brother you are too hard. You should hear what they say about Christians and Jews. When I first heard about Allah I thought that Allah was just another name for God but since then I’ve learned that this is not so. The triune God of the Bible is not the same as the Allah of the Koran. Muslims accuse the sons of God in Christ as polytheists saying we don’t really believe in ONE God. They hate the doctrine of the deity of Christ and the trinity of the Godhead and get a lot of their material from the Watchtower Society.
3. You can do your own research on the origin of Islam and the Koran but this is what I have found. In the 7th century after Christ, the Arabs in Arabia were mainly pagan idol worshipers. They had many idols in a temple called Kabah in Mecca. The family of Muhammad worshiped an idol for the moon god Allah. This idol was one of many in Kabah. Religion scholars tell us that demonic activity is high around places like this. About that time, Muhammad began to dabble in eastern mysticism. This opens one up to various types of evil spiritual influences.
4. At one point, Muhammad went into a transcendental meditation trance (fell on the ground foaming at the mouth). When he came out of it, he said the angel Gabriel spoke to him. Sessions like this continued and he would tell others what the messenger said and they began writing these things down. After his death, various renditions of these recitals surfaced and certain ones published them as the Koran, which they say supersedes the Bible.
5. One notable thing that Muhammad did was to take a stand for monotheism. The way that he did that was to go to Mecca and clean out all the idols from Kabah saying the only god to worship was his god Allah. That is the monotheism of Islam. Muhammad’s recitals allegedly came from Allah.
6. There is no evidence anywhere to support the notion that the Triune God of the Bible is the same as the Allah of the Koran. The God of the Bible is just and holy but He is full of grace and mercy. The Allah of the Koran is a god of violence and hate who can mislead souls to hell according to his own book.
7. The Bible says nothing about allah. The Koran: Surah 4:88 – What is the matter with you, then, that you have become two parties about the hypocrites, while Allah has made them return (to unbelief) for what they have earned? Do you wish to guide him whom Allah has caused to err? And whomsoever Allah causes to err, you shall by no means find a way for him.

1. Finally we come to some good news. The one true and living God is still on the throne and He is in control. The Bible is indisputable and the hero of our faith is absolutely impeccable.
2. Mark 7:36 And he charged them that they should tell no man: but the more he charged them, so much the more a great deal they published it; 37 And were beyond measure astonished, saying, He hath done all things well: he maketh both the deaf to hear, and the dumb to speak. (KJV)
3. 2 Pet 1:19 We have also a more sure word of prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts: 20 Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation. 21 For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost. (KJV)
4. 2 Cor 5:20 Now then we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God did beseech you by us: we pray you in Christ’s stead, be ye reconciled to God. 21 For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him. (KJV)

CONCLUSION: There is only one true and living God and the only way to have a right relationship with Him is to know Him by faith in and through His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. The only book in the world that tells you the full and complete truth about this is the 66 books of the received text known as the Bible. He that hath ears to hear let him hear. AMEN.


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The Vaudois Teacher by John Greenleaf Whittier

A beautiful poem containing great truth. The Vaudois is another name for the ancient Ana-Baptists also known as the Waldensians.  They were a people who worshiped the God of the Bible according to the copies of the scripture handed down to them from the days of the Apostles and were not connected in any way to the false teachings of the apostate hierarchy of Catholicism.  To the Vaudois, the only sense in which the true congregations thought in terms of the Holy Catholic Church was when they in their local congregations were sent into all the world with the message of salvation in Christ alone and ALL were to be given the good news whether Jew or Gentile.

A Baptist Voice/O Voce Baptistă în Oltenia

The Vaudois Teacher by John Greenleaf Whittier (1807–1892).

‘O Lady fair, these silks of mine
are beautiful and rare,-
The richest web of the Indian loom, which beauty’s
queen might wear;
And my pearls are pure as thy own fair neck, with whose
radiant light they vie;
I have brought them with me a weary way,-will my
gentle lady buy?’

The lady smiled on the worn old man through the
dark and clustering curls
Which veiled her brow, as she bent to view his
silks and glittering pearls;
And she placed their price in the old man’s hand
and lightly turned away,
But she paused at the wanderer’s earnest call,-
‘My gentle lady, stay!

‘O lady fair, I have yet a gem which a purer
lustre flings,
Than the diamond flash of the jewelled crown on
the lofty brow of kings;
A wonderful pearl of exceeding price, whose virtue

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